Five Roses - 1938

This is one of my favourite cookbooks from my Mom, not because of the recipes in it - I still haven't tested those - but because of how it looks and feels.

The copy I have is tattered and some of the pages won't stay in the ring binding, but that's ok, it has the look of being loved.

The cookbook itself appears to be very practical. With all the sections for breads, desserts, meat and fish dishes, sandwiches, vegetables, etc, but without being pompous. The recipes go from basic (how to boil an egg) to Dressed Tenderloin. They are everyday family recipes. Some of the other cookbooks are a bit more pretentious and are written for wealthier women, which is funny. I picture a woman reading the book and then instructing her kitchen staff to set the table properly.

Nothing against being wealthy and having kitchen staff, but my favourite cookbooks are just that - cookbooks. 

The cookbook has a handy page on yeast types.  Compressed yeast is not readily available anymore, but thankfully for the internet there are people who know how much dry yeast to use.

1 (1/4-oz) yeast package


1 cake fresh, compressed yeast 


2 1/4 teaspoons instant dry yeast

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