The American Woman's Cook Book - 1948

Never serve food because it is "good for you".  
Prepare all food so attractively and season it so well that it will be irresistible.

This book is not one of my mothers. I purchased it via from a 3rd party seller in Halifax, N.S. (Canada).

One of my favourite things about this book is the inscription in it:
Lucie Williams Russell
August 14th 1948

I wonder if it was a wedding present or perhaps a 16th birthday present, and of course, how it ended up in a book store in Nova Scotia.  The writing reminds me of my mothers and my aunt's handwriting. Sadly, the age of the inscription/book could mean she is no longer with us and she may not have had anyone to leave the book to.  I hope, where ever she might be, she is pleased that I love the book and plan on using it.

I am also going to take the liberty to say that it was Lucie who put little paper bookmarks inside. I like to think she bookmarked the recipes she returned to time and time again.  I guess I'll find out if we have the same taste!

This bookmark was for scalloped potatoes, but others for Turkey, facts about starch, salad, and which wine to serve - with a note saying 'Coffee and Liqueurs unless champagne is... ? I don't really know what she wrote, but I think the idea was 'unless champagne is served.' The books states:
"Champagne is served with dessert if several wines are provided.
Liqueurs are served with coffee in the drawing room or in the dining room at the close of dinner.  Cognac is the most popular."

Edited and Revised By:
Ruth Berolzheimer
Culinary Arts Institute

From the 
Edited by 
Delineator Instutite

Martha Van Renssellaer and Flora Rose
Directors, College of Home Economics
Cornell University

Garden City, New York

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