Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy Day!

I think today is going to be great!

I don't have another recipe to post. Hey..I just did the tea biscuits! But, let me explain...

Good Thing #1 - I found a home for my baked goods.

Jack Cookies

When I was in Toronto, I would bake all the time and bring the goodies in to work for my coworkers. Now that I am in BC and that's the first time I've actually said that...usually I just say I work in Toronto.  What a great word that is, everything you need to know all rolled up in one little package...wait, haha, I digress! Now that I am telecommuting, I have no one really to give my baked goods to. I bring some to my mom, but she has favourites she wants me to make, so I don't get to do my own thing as much...but I've fixed that!

My dad lived and died in this area. While he was alive he worked for the same company for almost as long as I can remember.  His boss is a very nice man and while I haven't spoken to him often over the years, he still knows who I am (he knows my sister a lot better...but she has lived here off and on over the years), so... I went to see him.

I was nervous and after I left the hardware store, I wasn't sure I wanted to just pop in across the street. I had that queasy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I push myself to interact with people I don't know well or when I'm in a confrontational situation.  It all sounds easy and I know what I want to say beforehand, but it doesn't come out like that. Usually I sound like a babbling idiot. BUT...I did it. I had to, like jumping out of the white water rafting boat into the regrets and what if's and might-have-beens.

We talked for a few minutes and did the normal "How are you" meeting things and then discussed a bit about Table Saws. And then I asked if he could help me with something...before he could get all wary (I would be - people who drop in only to ask for things SUCK) .. I asked him if I could drop off baking when I make it.  He smiled, I smiled, and the deal was struck! RELIEF! I still babbled, but I got the heck out of there while I still had some dignity :)  I kindly left a loaf of yummy Lemon Poppy Seed Pound Cake to truly seal the deal :) Yay! I win! Hahah.

Good Thing #2 -  I get my truck back today. It got a wee bit of scuff on the front bumper at the Uhual place in Toronto. It wasn't me! I know where the front bumper of my truck is. It was a guy who works there...I just didn't notice until I was halfway to BC...and really, it wasn't that bad, so it's not worth the fight.  So...back here...I have a friend close by that I've known for years...and he happens to be an auto-body painter with his own company. Yay! I left my truck with him on the weekend and it's ready today!  Yay!  I miss her :)

Good Thing #3 - My other sis (Sis #1) will be in town today, so I'll get to see her.  I saw her a few weeks ago when me and sis #2 went to visit her and pick up some furniture :) Yay!

Good Thing #4 - I'm going to buy a mitre saw (on sale). I will be able to cut wood in a straight line. Yay, Yay, and more Yay!!

What a great great day!  Hope you all are enjoying yours!

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