Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Sally Challenge

Appearances can be deceiving.

On the outside, they look the same. If I hadn't named the images I might not know which is which, but they are different. It's what's inside that counts.

The Sally Lunn from American Woman's Cook Book is much more of a dessert sweet cake - bread while the English Sally Lunn from the Five Roses Flour Cook Book is more of a bread type and a lot less sweet. Neither recipe has a lot of sugar, but the English Sally only has a tablsepoon compared to 4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) in the AWC Sally.

The dough for both of the recipes is a bit gloppy.

Texture, when baked, doesn't appear that much different, although the FRF English Sally seems to be a bit less crumbly - more sturdy right after baking.  (Is that even proper English...more sturdy?)  Once cooled, they seem about the same.

My verdict - would I make these again?

Sally Lunn - Yes

You could make drop biscuits with this recipe, but I think the English Sally Lunn would be way to runny for this.  Probably due to the extra eggs. Neither dough can be rolled out.
  • It's a simple sweet cake-bread
  • It can be served alone or with Jam or Honey.
  • It can be whipped up quickly with simple ingredients.
  • Perfect any time of day for a snack or for serving to a friend.

English Sally Lunn - Maybe
  •     I could make tea biscuits with less effort.
  •     I would eat it as a snack (with butter or jam), but I dont think I'd eat it dry with nothing on it.
  •     I wouldn't serve it by itself to a friend. It would be part of a meal.
  •     Yes, if I wanted a tea biscuit styled bun (that would rise in a muffin tin)
  •     Yes, if I wanted a quick no yeast type 'bread'.

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