Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Stuffed Crown Roast of Frankfurters

A crown roast of wieners is an ideal solution for guest problems when the budget is low.

Honestly - I'm going to believe your guest problem and any drain on your budget because of said guests will be solved for quite a while with this recipe! 

What a mighty name for hotdogs and sauerkraut!

That being said, I vow to make this gem, but with one of the optional choices, I don't want to waste my food budget $ on sauerkraut that I won't eat. I've even put it in the calendar.

The picture looks like there may be bacon wrapped around the outside, but the recipe doesn't mention it at all.  I'll do the bacon, because this is special - It's a stuffed crown roast!

Has anyone made this?....Anyone?

Stuffed Crown Roast of Frankfurters
Culinary Arts Institute Encyclopedic Cookbook 1950 (pg 387)

  • 20 Frankfurters
  • 2 cups cooked Sauerkraut
  1. Arrange frankfurters side by side, with curved side up.
  2. Using large needle and string, sew through all the frankfurters 1/2 inch from the bottom and 1/2 inch from the top.
  3. Tie ends of the top string together, bringing first and last frankfurter of the row together.
  4. Repeat with bottom row.
  5. Stand frankfurters on end to form a crown. (Concave side should be out)
  6. Fill center of crown with sauerkraut.
  7. Bake filled crown in moderate oven (375 F) about 20 minutes. 
Serves 10

Fill crown with stuffing, creamed cabbage, creamed cauliflower or Potato Balls instead of sauerkraut.

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