Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vintage Cookbooks and Project Gutenberg

I found a wonderful website today called Vintage Recipes!

It was exciting...well, to me it was. I had to close the browser page and look away *sigh* or I would end up browsing the web looking to buy my own vintage copies of the books.

The nice thing about the website is that they link the books that can be downloaded from Project Gutenberg. If you've never checked out Project Gutenberg before, you should! It has everything from the classics to cookbooks!

They list the formats you can get the books in: html, epub, mobi, pdf, etc.  The books are legit and available because their copyright has expired.

I only have a few vintage cookbooks, but there are enough recipes in them that I won't run out of things to make, and really, this blog is about cooking my way through some of my mom's cookbooks.

Well, in a week, I'll have a chance to look through her cookbooks again. I think she might have the Betty Crocker Picture cookbook. I may have passed it over the last time I was there thinking it looked too new to be vintage.

We shall see!

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